Jelly Bean Gospel Cards For Easter

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Print a copy of these Jelly Bean Gospel Cards for all the kids in your Children's Ministry.  This is a fun gift to give to kids at Easter, but it can also be used as they  head back to school.  We've included 3 versions of 8.5" x 11" printable PDF files with this download.  One has all 4 small cards on one sheet, one has 2 larger cards on one sheet, and one has a single large card on it.

Free Jelly Bean Gospel Cards

This is the text written on each card:

Purple - Reminds us of the robe the soldiers made Jesus wear. John 19:5

Red - Reminds us of the blood Jesus shed. Mark 14:24

Black - Reminds us of the dark tomb Jesus was in for 3 days. Matthew 27:58-60

Pink - Reminds us of all the people crying when Jesus was dead. John 20:13

Orange - Reminds us of the sunrise on Easter morning when Jesus rose to life. Matthew 28:1

White - Reminds us of the angels that rolled the stone away. Matthew 28:2-4

Green - Reminds us of the garden where Mary first saw Jesus. John 20:14-17

Yellow - Reminds us of eternal life where we can live forever if we ask Jesus to be our Savior. John 3:16