Easter Devotions For Families

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Get to Know Jesus Better as a Family As You Get Ready for Easter!

Just like any holiday, Easter can be a busy time. There are egg hunts  to attend, candy to buy, eggs to paint, and new outfits to pick out. In the midst of all the activities it can be easy for kids, and adults,  to forget what it is we are celebrating during the Easter season. It can also be easy to miss out on the incredible power of the resurrection that we celebrate at Easter simply because we've become familiar with the story.

The purpose of this devotional is to give you, as a parent, a tool to meaningfully connect with your kids for ten days as you prepare for Easter. Each of these ten devotionals includes a brief description you can read to your kids as well as a Scripture reading and questions you can discuss as a family. You can complete each devotional in less than ten minutes, but we hope you won't feel rushed. The goal is to have some time together as a family to connect and prepare your hearts for Easter.