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January 2021 Deal


Here's a detailed look at all of the exciting new resources you can get for your ministry when you order this deal.

52 Children's Ministry Lessons + A Scope & Sequence

Look around the room you're sitting in, now look back at this page.  That is approximately how long it will take you to plan every lesson for the next year with this deal!  You can actually download the Scope & Sequence for FREE right here to see every single lesson that has already been planned out for you to use. You can also click on the links below to get a detailed look at each lesson on the Children's Ministry Deals website.

Playing For God's Team Lesson
Valentine's Sunday Lesson
Prayer Warriors 4-Week Curriculum
Breaking News 4-Week Curriculum
Mind Blown 8-Week Curriculum
Honor Your Mother Lesson
Happy Father's Day Lesson
Taming The Tongue Lesson
Freedom Lesson
Stinky Days Lesson
Summer Games 4-Week Curriculum
How To Be A Superhero 12-Week Curriculum
Turkey Tales 4-Week Curriculum
Christmas Unwrapped 4-Week Curriculum
NEW - New Years Lesson
Life Upside Down 4-Week Curriculum

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52 Game Videos

Getting God's Word into the hearts of children is the #1 goal of any Children's Pastor.  Games are often a Children's Pastor's #1 tool.  Kids LOVE games!  That's why you'll be super happy when you start downloading your 52 game videos.  VIDEOS means no gathering of supplies. No taping out a race track on the carpet, no prep at all (unless you count opening your computer and pressing "play" as prep).  There are holiday games, Bible trivia games, and just downright goofy games included in this deal.  Just check out the videos below to see a sampling of what's included.






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52 Countdown Videos

Which sounds more exciting: to walk into a quiet room on Sunday with just the sounds of kids talking and blank screens on stage OR to walk into a room with kids talking, music thumping and a countdown on the screen? Option #2 communicates to a child 'this is a fun place and something cool is about to happen'.  With these 52 videos you can have a brand new countdown every single weekend for an entire year.  Or a new countdown every year for 52 years!  (It really just depends on how often you want to update your countdowns).  Seriously though, you're set up with new countdowns to use throughout the year because you'll be getting 20 holiday-themed 5-minute countdowns to cover major holidays, 22 5-minute anytime countdowns, and 10 3-minute countdowns.  Check out the sample videos below to see some of what is included.








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52 Graphics

It's Saturday night.  Would you rather be scouring stock photo sites looking for a slide to use on screen during offering tomorrow in Kids Church or breaking open that pint of Ben & Jerry's while pulling up your favorite show on Netflix? Unless you're lactose intolerant I'm guessing you chose option #2. These 52 graphics give you quick swipe file you can use when preparing slides for your weekend services. These images have been hand-picked with Children's Ministry in mind. Check out the sample images below to see some of what is included.

Children's Ministry GraphicChildren's Ministry GraphicChildren's Ministry GraphicChildren's Ministry GraphicChildren's Ministry GraphicChildren's Ministry Graphic

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Congratulations to our Top 25 Prize Winners! Savannah Amram was the first to order and won the Pop-A-Shot!  The full list of top 25 prize winners are listed in order below:

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Here's The List of SWEET PRIZES* For The First 100 Orders! (Top 25 Winners Announced Above!)

The FIRST person to order at NOON on January 22nd will win a Pop-A-Shot Basketball Game!

Pop-A-Shot Basketball Game

The FIRST 5 People to order at NOON on January 22nd will win a $50 Chick-fil-A Gift Card!

Chick-fil-A Sandwich

The FIRST 25 People to order at NOON on January 22nd will win The Me I Can't See 4-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum!

The Me I Can't See Children's Ministry Curriculum

The FIRST 50 People to order at NOON on January 22nd will win the new Rock, Paper, Scissors style game - Crab, Lifeguard, Seagull!


The FIRST 100 People to order at NOON on January 22nd will win a $30 Curriculum Gift Card to Children's Ministry Deals!

Children's Ministry Deals Gift Card

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