10 Jelly Bean Minute to Win it Games

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Use these FREE Jelly Beans Minute to Win It Games in your Children's Ministry this year!

Easter is one of the busiest days for churches, and we know our Children's Ministries are full of high-energy kids. In this Sunday School game, kids will be encouraged to get some wiggles out. The white, red, black, and yellow colors of Jelly Beans can help kids remember 4 important parts of the Easter Story. 

Each of these 10 games uses a challenge that will follow the theme of Jelly Beans. Here are the titles of all the games that are included: 

  • Jelly Tights 
  • Jelly Grass
  • Jelly Bounce
  • Jelly Belt
  • Jelly Straw
  • Don't Spill the Beans
  • Jelly Tape
  • Out of Sorts
  • Jelly Eggs
  • Jelly Golf