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You just found your most dedicated Children's Ministry Volunteer. 
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We've included a few sample videos on this page, but you can also click on the titles to preview a sample of that specific video.

Ten Commandments (10 total episodes):

No God but God 
Don’t Worship Idols
Don’t Misuse God’s Name
The Sabbath
Honor Your Parents
Don’t Murder
Don’t Commit Adultery
Don’t Steal
Don’t Lie
Don’t Covet

    Fruit of the Spirit (9 total episodes):

    Love: Fruit of the Spirit
    Joy: Fruit of the Spirit
    Peace: Fruit of the Spirit
    Patience: Fruit of the Spirit
    Kindness: Fruit of the Spirit
    Goodness: Fruit of the Spirit
    Faithfulness: Fruit of the Spirit
    Gentleness: Fruit of the Spirit
    Self-Control: Fruit of the Spirit

      Holidays (26 total episodes):

      New Year’s

      My New Year’s Resolution
      Little By Little

      Valentine’s Day

      Loving Your Neighbor

      Love God, Love Others

      Easter (And associated holidays)

      Jesus’ Sacrifice
      Jesus’ Resurrection
      The Easter Bunny
      Easter Eggs
      Palm Sunday

        Mother’s Day

        Mother’s Day

          Father’s Day

          Father’s Day

            4th of July

            Freedom in Christ

              Memorial Day/Veteran’s Day

              Personal Sacrifice


                Give Thanks


                  The True Story of Christmas
                  Spending Christmas with Family
                  Christmas Trees
                  Christmas Gifts
                  Christmas Lights
                  The Wise Men
                  The Origins of Santa
                  The Nativity
                  The Greatest Gift

                  Others (55 total episodes):

                  Imitating Christ
                  Standing Up for Your Faith
                  Letting Your Light Shine
                  Taking Good Care of Yourself
                  Trusting God
                  Fill Your Mind with Good things
                  Take Care of the World God Gave Us
                  What to do When You’re Afraid
                  The Firm Foundation
                  The Good Shepherd
                  How to Pray
                  Rooted in Christ
                  The Body of Christ
                  Handcrafted by God
                  The Golden Rule
                  Chosen by God
                  Live at Peace
                  Accepted by God
                  You Are Never Alone
                  You Are Royalty
                  Godly Wisdom
                  Confidence in God
                  What Does God Want Me to Be?
                  Fishers of Men
                  Unashamed of the Gospel
                  Make a Joyful Noise
                  Will Heaven be Boring?
                  Words are Powerful
                  Don’t be a Baby
                  Kids Can Do Big Things
                  Jesus Washed Us White as Snow
                  Choose to Do What’s Right
                  Serving Others
                  God Loves You
                  The Miracles of Jesus
                  Dealing with Pain
                  Peer Pressure
                  How Big is God?
                  Looks Can Be Deceiving
                  God Is Always With You
                  Read Your Bible
                  Give It All to Jesus
                  The Fear of the Lord
                  Talking to God
                  Sharing the Gospel



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