Matching Year Long Bundle Deals For Elementary & Preschool!

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For ONLY $97 you will get:

So for an entire year, your Preschoolers & Elementary Kids will each be learning about similar Bible topics with their own, age-appropriate lessons.

And the first 10 people who ordered not only got a great deal on a TON of new curriculum, but they also took home some sweet prizes (prize winners listed below). 

Give yourself a break from lesson planning for an ENTIRE YEAR!

The included scope & sequence document gives you a teaching schedule to follow from March 22, 2020 - March 21, 2021.

What will you do with all that free time - Spend more time in prayer each day? Have more time with family? Connect with more volunteers?  The choice is yours!

Get rid of stress, and save money - snag this deal today and make 2020 your best year in Ministry yet!

2020-2021 Scope & Sequence Document

Scope & Sequence Page 1

Scope & Sequence Page 2

Click on each image below to read more about each of the fun Children's & Preschool Ministry Curriculum included in this deal.

53 Weeks Of Preschool Ministry Curriculum


Easter Eggs Preschool Ministry Curriculum
Noah Preschool Ministry Curriculum
Mother's Day Preschool Ministry Lesson
Jesus Can Do Anything Preschool Ministry Curriculum
Jesus Stories Preschool Ministry Curriculum
Bubbles Preschool Ministry Curriculum
Joseph Preschool Ministry Curriculum
Glow Preschool Ministry Curriculum
Fear Patrol Preschool Ministry Curriculum
Thanksgiving Preschool Ministry Curriculum
Christmas Preschool Ministry Curriculum
Prayer Preschool Ministry Curriculum
How To Train Your Emotions Preschool Ministry Curriculum
Building Blocks Preschool Ministry Curriculum



53-Weeks Of Children's Ministry Curriculum

Resurrection Eggs Children's Ministry CurriculumNoah Children's Ministry CurriculumSuper Mom Mother's Day Children's Ministry LessonThe Life Of Jesus Children's Ministry CurriculumDiary Of A Godly Kid Children's Ministry CurriculumGlow Children's Ministry CurriculumFear Crush Children's Ministry CurriculumThankfulness Children's Ministry CurriculumChosen Too Children's Ministry CurriculumPrayer Warriors Children's Ministry CurriculumHow To Train Your Emotions Children's Ministry CurriculumSome Assembly Required Children's Ministry Curriculum

Congratulations to our PRIZE WINNERS Darin Brown was 1st and won the Apple TV!  All 10 prize winners are listed below in order:

Darin Brown - APPLE TV from Amazon!
John Terragnoli - $100 Amazon Gift Card.
Patty Patterson -  $50 Amazon Gift Card.
Daniel Loman - $25 Amazon Gift Card.
Brian Feller - $25 Amazon Gift Card.
Debbie Brandow - $25 Amazon Gift Card.
Sarah Gibson - $25 Amazon Gift Card.
Angi Whitney - $25 Amazon Gift Card.
Elizabeth Pogue - $25 Amazon Gift Card.
Mark Winter -  $25 Amazon Gift Card.

Apple TV from Amazon


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