Here's Our Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions...

1. What Does ONLY 144 Stand For?

Nope…it's not a weird spiritual reference.  It stands for the deals only lasting 144 hours.  Or the number of Peanut M&M's I usually eat at the movie theater.

2. Is This Deal Tooooo Good to be True?

These deals are for real.  The only catch is that they only last 144 hours, then they're over forever.  Still not sure?  We have the best customers in the world.  Just check with one of our 18,000 fans on Facebook by clicking here.

3. Is This a Download or a Physical Product?

All of our deals are instant downloads.  You will receive an instant download link via email from our super smart IT guy from Harvard.  

4. Do I Need a Paypal Account?

No. You can use any credit card. We simply use Paypal as our payment gateway, because it's the most secure, and it's simple to use. Or you can show up at our office with cashanytime day or night.

5. Did I Win a Prize?

We announce all our prize and giveaway winners on our Facebook page.  If you're bummed because you didn't win a prize, let me know, and I'll send you an email that will brighten your day.

6. Why Didn't I Receive a Confirmation Email or My Download Link?

There could be one of several reasons.

A. You entered your email wrong when checking out.

B. The email is sitting in your junk folder.

C. You entered a different email than you normally use for your purchase.

D. The Russians hacked your account and stole your download link.

E. None of the above.

If it happens to you, just send us an email letting us know and we'll take care of the rest.  We LOVE helping people when glitches happen, because it gives us the opportunity to show that we really do love our customers no questions asked.

7. Can I Still Get a Previous Deal?

No.  These deals only lasts 144 hours.  Once they're over…they're over…forever. Fooorrrreeeevvveeeerrrr.

8. When Does Your Next Deal Start?

Our deals are like unicorns.  

There is no set schedule or timeline.  Usually, deals usually happen every 6-12 months.  This isn't like Groupon.  There aren't new deals everyday.  They are far and few between because they are so good.  The best way to stay informed is to enter your email address in the sign-up form below to receive a notification when the next deal goes live.

9. Can I Offer My Resources on

We partner with only the best resource providers to put together epic 144-hour deals for our 30,000+ subscribers.  Send us an email if you're interested in offering a deal, having some fun, and blessings the socks off of some people.

10. Where Are You Located?

Our team is spread out across the United States, serving in churches, schools, and organizations.

Don't See Your Question Answered?

We'd love to answer it for you.  Click here to contact us.

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