$97 for $2,600+ worth of Sermon Transcripts from Bob Russell

$97 for $2,600+ worth of Bob Russell Sermon Transcripts

Deal Details:

-This deal includes 262 sermon transcripts from Bob Russell

-This deal starts at NOON (eastern) on Friday, July 11, 2014

-Prizes for the first 100 people who order

-This deal only lasts 144 hours

-Instant download (no shipping required)

-See all the details below

-Click here to download a FREE sermon transcript from Bob Russell titled "Why I Love the Church."  This stand alone sermon was preached to over 20,000 people at Southeast Christian Church.  

Prizes for the First 100 People Who Order:

The first 100 people who order this deal will win 12 additional sermon transcripts for the following 3 sermon series' from Bob Russell:

Christmas Carols ($40)

Money Wise ($40)

Leading Like Jesus ($40)

Why It's A Great Deal:

-Sermon preparation takes time.  Good sermon preparation takes even more time.  We estimate that these sermon transcripts represent about 6,000 hours of preparation time.  

-Who's Bob Russell?  If you haven't heard of him, he was the lead pastor for 40 years at Southeast Christian Church, located in Louisville, Kentucky.  It's the 5th largest church in America.  Bob's preaching is world-renowned.

-Bob is giving you these transcripts and his blessing to preach these sermons at your church, or wherever you like.  Bob has a heart for pastors, and he wants to be a blessing to your ministry.  

This Deal Includes:

-This deal includes 262 sermon transcripts from Bob Russell

-These transcripts sell for $10 each from The Living Word, Southeast's Christian Church's Resource Website

-These are formatted as editable text documents

-Edit these sermons to make them your own, and preach them whenever and wherever you want

-Click here to download a sample sermon from Bob Russell titled "A Quiet Heart."  This is one of Bob's most requested sermons.

This deal ends forever at NOON on Thursday, July 17, 2014.  Don't miss it!

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