Creative Family Viral Christmas Card (Video)

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In a season of endless boring Christmas "letter" updates, Awkward Family Photo style pictures, and too many people texting me for my address, this video made me smile.  The Holderness Family are my creative heroes for Christmas 2013.  Watch their viral video and see why they're so cool.

Here's the lyrics for the first verse:

Ah yeah!

It's the Holderness.

2013 in review.

Video Christmas card part 2.

Dancing in the front yard night and day.

And the neighbors walk by and this is what they say.

Are those Christmas Jammies?

They are Christmas Jammies.

Check it out.  We just bought a Prius V.

And it matches these perfectly…wearing Christmas Jammies.

Now for Lola, 2013 was full speed ahead.

She now has a medal hanging over her bed.

Because she ran a triathlon, and somehow she looked like she was having fun.

She can count to 100 in Chinese.

And she can now read books about as thick as these...

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