10 Amazing Reasons Why Homeschool Is Better Than Public School

Posted by Nevan Hooker on


1. No cafeteria food.

2. Family vacations count as field trips.

3. School always lets out at noon.

4. No school uniforms.

5. No boring PTA Meetings.

6. No one ever misses the school bus.

7. Doing chores is considered Home Economics.  

8. Art class is way cooler.

9. The classroom is a whole lot bigger.

10. Tim Tebow was homeschooled.

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  • Thanks Jordan! A kitten dies every time someone takes our blog posts too seriously.

    Nevan Hooker on

  • I was literally waiting for a comment like Cindy’s. There were no comments when I read the list earlier, so I came back just now out of curiosity, and voila, right on schedule! Seriously Only144/CMD, how does every facetious or light-hearted thing you post immediately attract the crazies? And how in the world are these people, who seem to be professionals at sucking all enjoyment out of life, involved in children’s ministry?! God bless you for your patience with the Eeyores of this world, y’all do awesome work!

    Jordan Spivey on

  • These are great reasons NOT to homeschool! I don’t know of any parent that is well-rounded enough to teach their children all the things they would learn in the classroom. Is this article supposed to be a parody?

    Cindy Lamb on

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