$97 for $1,425 Worth of Church Media

$97 for $1,425 Worth of Church Media

It's Over. This Deal Has Ended. So Sad.

The EPIC 2019 Church Media Deal Has ENDED :-(

What's In The BIG Deal?

Over 250 worship backgrounds and countdowns to add style to your church services. Playback Media has put together 12 of their best-selling collections of pre-service countdowns, motions, and still backgrounds that will make your service openers, song lyrics, and sermon notes look amazing. It's an ENTIRE YEAR'S WORTH OF MEDIA.  You may also find that some of these will work great for your Children's Ministry Worship as well! Make every one of your services pop without having to spend eye-popping amounts of money!

Check out the AWESOME prizes* for the first 100 people to order this deal on Friday, March 15, 2019 at NOON:

-The FIRST person who orders will win a $100 Apple gift card

Apple Gift Card

-The FIRST 5 people who order will win a $50 Amazon card

Amazon Gift Card

-The FIRST 25 people who order will win the popular Bible Heroes Countdown

Bible Heroes Countdown

-The FIRST 100 people who order will win a $25 gift card to Playback Media

Playback Media

Scroll down to view video samples of ALL of the awesome media included in this deal.  Each collection includes countdown videos, motion backgrounds and still backgrounds to go with the theme.  All of those items are included in Standard Definition(SD), High Definition(HD), and Triple Wide (TW) formats so you can use the format that works best for your church.  We've listed them in an order you could potentially use them in for a calendar year, but all of these themes can be used at anytime throughout the year:


January - Fasting Collection

February - Renewed Prayer Collection

March - Sanctified Lamb Collection

April - Everlasting Spirit Collection

May - Glass Mosaic Collection

June - Adventure Island Collection (Does Not Include TW Format)

July - Rolled Ink Collection

August - Event Planner Collection

September - Life of Worship Collection

October - Fall into Grace Collection

November - Gratitude Collection

December - Holy Advent Collection


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