$97 for $1,897+ worth of Youth Ministry Resources from 11 Different Producers

$97 for $1,897+ worth of Youth Ministry Resources from 11 Different Producers
This deal only lasts 144 hours.

Time has run out.

$97 for $1,897+ Worth of Youth Ministry Resources from 11 Different Producers

Deal Details:

-This deal only lasts 144 hours

-Prizes for the FIRST 100 people who order

-This deal starts at 12:00 noon (eastern) on Friday, January 16, 2015

-This deal includes $1,897+ worth of Youth Ministry resources from 11 different producers

-This deal is an instant download

-See everything that's included below

Prizes for the First 100 Who Order:

The first person who orders will win a $100 gift card from Papa John's.

The first 10 people who order will win Hunger and Thirst Games 4-Week Youth Ministry Curriculum ($100).

The first 25 people who order will win Coffee With Jesus 4-Week Youth Ministry Curriculum ($100).

The first 100 people who order will win a $100 gift card from Youth Ministry Deals.

This Deal Includes the Following Resources:

This deal includes $1,897+ worth of Youth Ministry Curriculum and Resources from 11 Different Producers listed below.  Scroll down to see everything that's included. Click on the individual logos in the list below to visit each producer's website.


Social Proof 4-Week Youth Ministry Curriculum ($100)

Hashtag 4-Week Youth Ministry Curriculum ($100)

GPS 4-Week Youth Ministry Curriculum ($100)

Crisis Management 4-Week Youth Ministry Curriculum ($100)

Elephants 4-Week Youth Ministry Curriculum ($100)

Swimming Upstream 4-Week Youth Ministry Curriculum ($100)


A Christmas Series 4-Week Youth Ministry Christmas Series ($30)

Back to School 8-Week Youth Ministry Summer Series ($49)

Exploring Thankfulness 8-Week Youth Ministry Thanksgiving Series ($15)

Summer Days 8-Week Youth Ministry Summer Series ($49)

The Good Life 8-Week Youth Ministry Series ($49)

30 Summer Games for Youth Ministry ($30)

30 Holiday Games for Youth Ministry ($30)

15 Games & 15 Object Lessons for Back to School ($30)


God's Glory: Elements 3-Week Youth Lesson Study ($19.99)

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At Your Table - 4 Week Series ($25)

Back to School Essentials - 4 Week Back to School Lesson ($25)

Back to School Lesson ($10)

Best Year Ever - 6 Week New Year's Series ($35)

Christmas Madness - 4 Week Christmas Series ($25)

Christmas this Year - 4 Week Christmas Series ($25)

Creativeinme - 4 Week Series ($25)

Drama Queens & Blow Up Kings - 4 Week Series About Jr High Drama ($25)

Easter Flashback - 4 Week Easter Series ($30)

Encounter - 4 Week Series ($25)

Fearless - 4 Week Series ($25)

Heat Is On & Splash Summer Curriculum ($45)

Marvelous Light - 4 Week Christmas Series ($25)

Road Trip - 4 Week Series ($25)

System Reset - 6 Week Series ($35)

Thank God - Thanksgiving Lesson ($10)

Thankfull - 4 Week Thanksgiving Series ($25)

The Big Q - 4 Week Series ($25)

The Bunny Trap - 4 Week Easter Series ($25)

Under Pressure & Power of Influence ($45)

Easter Games & Object Lessons ($30)

Thanksgiving & Christmas Games & Object Lessons ($30)


Parents Ministry Bundle Pack ($50)

  • Contract Pack for Parents and Teenagers
  • What Now: How to Respond When Your Teenager Gets Dumped eBook for Parents
  • Lunch Box Notes for Parents
  • What Now: What To Do When Your Teenager Encounters Pornography eBook for Parents


All of Me 6-Week Youth Ministry Series ($15)

Disney Movie Reverse Charades ($3)

Event Information Card ($5)

Flat 4 Month Calendar ($10)

Magazine Style Calendar ($10)

Parent Ministry Starter Kit ($15)

Plot Twist ($15)

Youth Ministry Promotional Business Card ($5)

Waiting, Dating and Mating ($15)

What Does the Bible Say? ($15)

Youth Ministry Half Page Flyer ($5) 


Free 3-Month Subscription ($30)


19 Editable Series Graphics (9.99)

Dads + Daughters Date Night ($9.99)

Free InstafeedLIVE Event ($4.99)

Small Group Leader Profile Card ($9.99)

Volunteer Handbook ($9.99)


Fruits of the Spirit Youth Ministry Bible Study Series ($19.97)

Icebreakers Ahead: Take it to the Next Level ($19.97)

Once Lost, Now Found: Creative Scavenger Hunts ($24.97)

Motion Worship

Fog Rays: Power Pack of Motion Backgrounds, Countdowns, Stills & More ($200)

Sermon Gear

Pre-Service Media Power Pack ($19.95)

Abstract Motion Mega 10 Pack ($24)

Cell Phone Policy Video ($10)

Brian's Testimony Video ($10)

This deal ENDS FOREVER on Thursday, January 22, 2015 at NOON (eastern).  Don't miss it!   

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